Sunday, December 4, 2011

3D Challenge: Tire Threads

Saw an online tutorial about modeling tire threads and I've always wanted to create my own as an experiment. Finally got the chance to try it this weekend and I'd like to share what I've created.

Rather than showing different sides to the completed tire, I wanted to show snapshots of the process I took to finish it. Here's my take on that challenge:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

3D Modeling Challenge: Electric Fan

To wrap up our NURBS lesson on Maya at school, we were given an Electric Fan challenge. I didn't want to go for the modern types of electric fans so I opted for a more vintage-inspired look. Here's my take on that challenge:

3D Modeling Challenge: Chandelier #2

At our 3D Arts school, we were given a challenge to create another Chandelier using the same tools we used on our first Chandelier. This time, however, we were requested to modify it to suit our tastes.

I have to say, that I really like this chandelier than my first one. Not only does it look more classy but the process itself is a lot easier since the tools and actions I used in Maya is something I'm already familiar with.

Here's my take on that challenge:

3D Modeling Challenge: Classic Temple

There are a lot of great online resources and video tutorials out there but one thing I would really recommend for Maya beginners is to read and follow the official Maya tutorials available at the Autodesk website.

I did, and the well-written instructions helped me a lot in understanding the tools and actions that are important to be learned by any beginner.

One of the very first 3D modeling challenge on the tutorial is creating a simple yet classic temple. Here is my take on that temple:

3D Modeling Challenge: Chandelier

Our first task as Autodesk Maya students was to follow a set of written instructions to create a CHANDELIER from NURBS.

Here is my take on our very first challenge.. if you have time, kindly leave a comment on my 3D model

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MM Emergency & Services

METRO MANILA Emergency numbers and other Services. This app includes 3 numbers that are applicable only for Metro Manila residents (i.e. MMDA, Manila Waters, Maynilad) but the rest can be used NATIONWIDE.

Just click the service you want to call. All phone numbers are lifted from their official websites.

* Emergency 117 - for all kinds of emergencies (FIRE, POLICE, MEDICAL
* NDRRMC - National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council
* MMDA - for traffic, flash floods and other Metro Manila concerns
* Red Cross - for life-saving services
* PAGASA - for weather updates
* Philippine Coast Guard - for the protection of life and properties at sea
* PHIVOLCS - for earthquakes, volcanic activities, and tsunami alerts

Other Services: MERALCO, MANILA WATER (East service area), MAYNILAD (West service area), PLDT, BAYANTEL, SMART / Talk 'N Text, Globe and Sun Cellular

*PLDT - configured to call from non-PLDT landline and non-Smart/Talk'NText mobile phones. Toll fees apply, according to their website.
*BAYANTEL - configured to call from non-Bayantel phones; Call "171" if you're using any Bayan Phone or Bayan Wireless Landline

*SMART / TALK 'N TEXT - use only when you're subscribed to Smart / Talk 'N Text on mobile; Otherwise, call +6328881111 from a landline
*GLOBE - use only when you're subscribed to Globe on mobile (Toll-free); Otherwise, call +6327301000 on any landline
*SUN CELLULAR - use only when you're subscribed to Sun Cellular on mobile (Toll-free); Otherwise, call +6323958000 on any landline

IMPORTANT: This app does not offer FREE calls; Standard calling rates apply through your mobile service provider.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PH GOV: Philippine Government Numbers

Just click the name of the government office you want to call.

* Compiles the telephone numbers of Departments and selected Bureaus of the Philippine government for easy-access calling through your mobile phones
* Also includes the National Emergency Number 117
* Connects you to just one of the main telephone number (or trunkline) of the offices listed
* Telephone numbers are lifted from the Official Gazette ( which is maintained by the Office of the President of the Philippines

IMPORTANT: This app does not offer FREE calls; Standard calling rates apply through your mobile service provider.