Saturday, October 29, 2011

3D Modeling Challenge: Electric Fan

To wrap up our NURBS lesson on Maya at school, we were given an Electric Fan challenge. I didn't want to go for the modern types of electric fans so I opted for a more vintage-inspired look. Here's my take on that challenge:

3D Modeling Challenge: Chandelier #2

At our 3D Arts school, we were given a challenge to create another Chandelier using the same tools we used on our first Chandelier. This time, however, we were requested to modify it to suit our tastes.

I have to say, that I really like this chandelier than my first one. Not only does it look more classy but the process itself is a lot easier since the tools and actions I used in Maya is something I'm already familiar with.

Here's my take on that challenge:

3D Modeling Challenge: Classic Temple

There are a lot of great online resources and video tutorials out there but one thing I would really recommend for Maya beginners is to read and follow the official Maya tutorials available at the Autodesk website.

I did, and the well-written instructions helped me a lot in understanding the tools and actions that are important to be learned by any beginner.

One of the very first 3D modeling challenge on the tutorial is creating a simple yet classic temple. Here is my take on that temple:

3D Modeling Challenge: Chandelier

Our first task as Autodesk Maya students was to follow a set of written instructions to create a CHANDELIER from NURBS.

Here is my take on our very first challenge.. if you have time, kindly leave a comment on my 3D model